HP 255 G5 SP 1KA26EA Driver Download

HP 255 G5 SP 1KA26EA Driver Download. It was important to me that the programs for image processing (Creative Cloud Photoshop / Lightroom) and movies on Netflix work without jerkiness and fluency. That is the case and I am very happy with it. Even surfing over Wi-Fi is quite fast and stable. The ventilation is almost silent-only occasionally for longer work, but that's really not worth mentioning. Also could not find that the laptop is heating up. Of the battery life, unfortunately, I can not report anything because I use it mainly at home and he is connected via the power cord. 

HP 255 G5 SP 1KA26EA Driver Download

Windows 10is a matter of opinion (previously had Windows 7) and I'm not completely convinced yet. But in addition GoogleChrome and Windows Live Mail (Edge I found here very slowly and the email program has not convinced me), reinstalled and work herewith. Nevertheless-once you have familiarized yourself a little with the operating system, you find yourself coping very well and sometimes the application is not so extremely different. With the touchpad I have no problem-it responds well and flawlessly. But faster and more efficient (especially in the image processing), I personally work with a wireless optical mouse, which I have additionally ordered.  Also, the DVD drive and the card reader work without problems. What I would like to note is the indicated graphics card. Actually, there are two-Intel HP and the dedicated AMD Radeon R5 M330. As already written the AMD is important to me for the image processing and this I had to stop first, because eg Lightroom worked only over the Intel HP graphics card. For the rest, I find the screen colors very red and too dark. This also took a while, but I could adjust it a little better on the graphics program. Maybe that is not an issue for many at all and does not matter at all - but it has been very important to me, for example in image editing. 
HP 255 G5 SP 1KA26EA Driver Download
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