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Download Lexmark C740 Series Driver Printer

Lexmark C740 Printer Driver. The duplex printing (two-sided printing) does not work in the Lexmark C734dn, C734dtn, C734dw, C736dn, C736dtn, X734de, X736de, X738de and X738dte printers. You must ensure that duplex functionality is supported on the printer and that the settings are configured correctly. If the error is caused by the settings, it is easy to fix without maintenance. Follow the steps below:
To determine whether duplex printing is supported by the printer, print the menu settings page by following the steps below: • When the printer is in the Ready state, press the Menu button.  • Scroll down using the navigation buttons and select " Reports ".  • Then select the " Menu setting page ".
Lexmark C740 Driver Download Look for the " Installed Options " section. This is where the duplex printing ( both sides ) is supported.
• If duplex / duplex is listed, proceed to step 3.
• If duplex printing is not listed there, there is an error with the…

Download Lexmark X748de Driver Printer

Lexmark X748de Printer Driver. Compact multifunctional devices in departments and work groups relieve the large central printing and copying systems within companies. Printerchannel tests five current models, which are also interesting for smaller companies or medium-sized companies. Workgroup bureaus are ideal when fast printouts are required, be it for the upcoming team meeting or a sample contract for a new customer.
Lexmark X748de Driver Download With the compact multifunctional devices, you do not have to go to the copier room for every printing page, since the small all-rounders are usually close to the workplace. With their print, copy and scan functions, the compact laser devices have the power to take over the entire document workflow. How well the devices master their tasks, this website has this model driver.

Link Download: Software: Other Print/Scan Driver & Software Lexmark X740 Series
Mac OS Driver: Driver Lexmark X748de for Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11 Print Dri…

Download OKI MC332dn Driver Printer

OKI MC332dn Printer Driver. With the MC332dn, Oki offers an industrious all-rounder for workgroups, where the monthly print volume is not too high. Because the LED printer knows with equipment as well as an excellent print to shine, but moves in terms of maintenance costs only in the middle. If the pressure is higher, the handle is recommended for a model of the next class of Oki. With the option of printing documents on both sides, as well as feeding documents by means of automatic document feeding (ADF) in batches, the Oki fulfills the basic requirements for office use these two functions are often required in everyday life. But the printer goes even a step further. The originals can also be fed on both sides, that is, the Oki scans and copies independently front and back and a function that can save incredibly much time. An extremely practical instrument is also the multipurpose feeder. It not only increases the paper supply of the cassette by 250 sheets by a further 100 sheets. Th…

Download Lexmark C792de Driver Printer

Lexmark C792de Printer Driver. Nearly 300 € for a printer. At this price you can already imagine that the Lexmark C792DE is especially interesting for companies and not for private customers who print a few sheets every 3 weeks. Understandable, that there are no customer reviews on Amazon. On the fast I could still find 2 tests, in which the Lexmark C792DE makes quite a good figure. For example, the conclusion on
Lexmark C792de Driver Download The Lexmark C792er models are designed for professional use. You can extend it flexibly, whether it is additional paper capacity, mailbox * 1 or stapler. The Lexmark C792de is a working group laser for high utilization. It prints in color as well as in B / W with (measured by us) 48 pages per minute, also in two-sided printing. He performs large assignments without additional breaks occasionally occurring among his colleagues in the high-end class. Numerous security settings also shape it for tasks in safety-sensitive environment…

Download OKI MC860DN Driver Printer

OKI MC860DN Printer Driver. The printer manufacturer OKI introduces the MC860dn its new multifunction device. The device supports the DIN format A4 as well as A3 and is much smaller and cheaper than comparable MFPs. The device has 512 MB of memory, controls the duplex printing and is network-capable. Documents are scanned at 32 scans per minute (color / black-and-white at 300 dpi) and can be sent to various locations (eg Scan-to-USB, E-Mail, FTP, Mailbox). The scanning process is possible even if the system processes print jobs in parallel. Printing is quick and easy: you can have up to 26 pages in color (A4) and 34 in black and white. Operation is via a 14.5 cm touch screen. The Oki MC860dn is now available in stores. The price is around 3,400 euros. The MC860 is the perfect multifunction device for A4 and A3 printing and is tailored to the needs, space and budget of workgroups in small, medium and large enterprises.
OKI MC860DN Driver Download It is easy to integrate into any network …

Download OKI MC350 Driver Printer

OKI MC350 Printer Driver. The company OKI continues to develop its range of compact equipment, introducing us to the next class of multifunction device "4 in 1" MC350. The modest dimensions of the device is in no way affected the basic characteristics of cuts, moreover, MC350 meets the most sophisticated requirements. MFP provides the highest quality color printing, supported by technology ProQ2400 Multi-level, high-grade scanner is equipped with an automatic document feeder, and specifications are comparable to the results achieved in a higher segment. By a combination of factors OKI MC350 can be called a complete solution for the workflow process in the small office. Novelty can appear as an individual unit for a single user and network solution for the whole group.
OKI MC350 Driver Download Another important point is the fact that at a relatively low price, I have at your disposal advanced networking capabilities. MFP for scanning to a network, and also allows you to send f…

Download Lexmark CX725 Driver Printer

Lexmark CX725 Printer Driver. On the in-house homepage, the Lexmark CX725dhe is advertised as «MFP at workgroup level with the performance and functions of more expensive devices» and listed in the category «Multifunctional devices for large workgroups». In fact, the MFP with masses of 64.8x50.5x53.3 centimeters and a weight of 44.9 kilograms without packaging and accessories is not one of the smallest and lightest printers in its category and therefore also needs its place. Due to the weight and mass it is recommended to handle the transport and placement of the printer with at least two persons. What appears at first glance is the revised design of the new Lexmark MFP. Compared to the previous models, Which in most cases were delivered in dark gray, the new device comes in a beautiful gray-black dress. And not only the new design is convincing, but also the robust design. Neither when setting up the printer nor during the printing or copying operations has something jogged or rattle…

Download OKI MC873dn Driver Printer

OKI MC873dn Printer Driver. The latest IDC White Paper for OKI shows that 66% of European SMEs want the ability to automate their business processes and access their documents from a single device. The MC853 and MC873 meet this specific requirement. These intelligent multifunction devices come with the SxP platform for seamless integration into the enterprise system or powerful third-party software solutions to ensure efficient document management for most organizations, schools, organizations Financial and other industries. The MC853 and MC873 can be used for document management with SENDYS Explorer LITE, a web services-based software package for Oki clients with intelligent MFPs that gives users the ability to capture documents from various sources, convert them, Distribute, or upload them to a dedicated location, offering greater flexibility to access, edit, print, recover, and share files.
OKI MC873dn Driver Download The new MC 800 series incorporates a smart card reader for easy us…

Download OKI C920WT Driver Printer

OKI C920WT Printer Driver. Through my work in an advertising agency I use this printer almost daily! I believe I can actually give a good assessment of the performance! That I previously worked in a printing house and there were also color laser printers, I can still benefit from experience. Well. Before I present my opinion about this printer I will present you first his product information. I am talking about a color laser printer with a maximum resolution in color and B / W of 1,200 x 600 dpi. Dpi is the unit of measure for resolution in printing and other reproduction systems, for those who are not familiar with this area. This printer can output the following media sizes: A4, A5, B5 and A6. However, what is not possible here is duplex printing. So that the sheet in the printer is rotated and printed from the other side. This is only optional or Manual! But this duplex unit can be retrofitted. Maximum media capacity is 400 sheets.
OKI C920WT Driver DownloadWith a weight of approx. …

Download OKI C9850 Driver Printer

OKI C9850 Printer Driver. The print quality of the printer is according to evaluation on a very high level. I personally find this but only sufficiently good. Usually I have very large color deviations here. And this is not due to the calibration, since this was done. And I also know the RGB and the expression in CMYK are not comparable, but the printer should already print color true, so an approximate value to the screen result comes out. So I'm not very enthusiastic about this device, not that it would be bad, but quality I've seen better devices. The raster, which is reprinted is simply too large, so the pressure on the paper the individual points and I do not find it good. So what should not be seen with the naked eye. In the printing shop was a printer, which has always yellow dots with printed and this one has seen if only with a thread counter! It should be that way. Of the printing costs, however, this device is positively positive, a very positive aspect.