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Download OKI MB441dn Driver Printer

OKI MB441dn Printer Driver. The OKI MB441dn driver settings can be found rare options, eg. The choice of uniform method of surface shading (or grid lines, thick texture shading). As befits a product of OKI, the user receives a complete suite of applications, among which can be found eg. The program Template Manager, which is used to create templates of business cards, advertisements, etc. The dimensions of this printer are average, but you have to remember that exploded rear feeder and the receiver depth increases to 69.5 cm. Total weight of the consumables is 11 kg. On the control panel is a two-line text display, but without backlight. Connector Kit includes USB 2.0, Parallel and Fast Ethernet interface. In an easily accessible place on the side of the front, there is a switch that completely cuts off the power supply.
OKI MB441dn Driver Download In sleep mode, the device consumes 5.4 W, which is the average value. The OKI MB441dn printer is equipped with a lockable cassette 250-sheet…

Download OKI MB562dnw Driver Printer

OKI MB562dnw Printer Driver. The Oki MB562dnw prints, copies, scans and faxes - all double-sided. Secure printing is supported. With an output of 45 black-and-white pages per minute, double-sided printing and scanning, and a list price of nearly 650 francs, the new MB562dnw from OKI is a device for professional users. The OKI MB562dnw paper management is simple and solid, in the cassette fit more than 500 pages, so a whole package at a time. Paper length and width can be precisely adjusted. Also the toner change is done with few handgrips. 
OKI MB562dnw Driver DownloadThe OKI MB562dnw device control via the 7-inch touchpanel is handy, but you should calibrate it when setting up the device. In the test it first looked as if the panel on the right side was defective and after calibration, the operation ran like clockwork. The scanner unit is also easy to handle, the paper width adjustment is smooth. OKI MB562dnw fast printing speeds is interesting for business use: Secure printing is sup…