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Download OKI ES9541 Driver Printer

OKI ES9541 Printer Driver. The Oki ES9431 is a four-color LED printing system for formats up to A3 +. It is compliant with PCL5c, PCL6 and Adobe Postscript 3, provides duplex and network connectivity, and can optionally be upgraded with an EFI Fiery XF 5.0 server. The color transmission by transfer belt is to guarantee a particularly high print quality and color stability. The print speed on A4 is 50 pages, and the A3 format is processed by the ES9431 at 28 pages per minute. Via the paper cassette, it takes up to 320 grams per square meter of media, while the single sheet feed reaches a limit of 360 grams. According to Oki, the audio cassettes should be sufficient for up to 38,000 pages. Oki is particularly proud of the ES9541.
OKI ES9541 Driver DownloadIt offers the same technical data as the ES9431, but works with five color cassettes: CMYK adds a white or clear print. By means of the OKI ES9541 driver, it is possible with the device, for example, to provide the entire sheet or even …

Download OKI C821n Driver Printer

OKI C821n Printer Driver. The OKI C821n is thus the cheapest DIN A3 color laser printer on the market, so if that is a criterion for you, you should continue reading. Unfortunately, you do not need automatic duplex printing. A test to the device can be found at PC Pro. The high printing speed (~ 25ppm at A4, 12-17ppm at A3), the very good printing quality and the fairly low printing costs of 8 cents per DIN A4 color page and 1.5 cents per S / W page were praised. In this case, however, it must be mentioned that the toner supplied is not fully filled and thus the printing costs are initially higher. A main argument for the C821n should of course be simply the price.
OKI C821n Driver DownloadIf you would like a color laser printer and has to make partial DIN A3 prints, then there is simply no more favorable alternative. Unfortunately, I could not find any customer reviews, which is why unfortunately not much to the printer can say. Perhaps one of you has him at home or in the office and …

Download OKI Pro6410 Driver Printer

OKI Pro6410 Printer Driver. With the new Pro6410 neon printer, OKI now also redefines the range of printing inks, even away from the classic standard colors of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The device prints with neon-color inks in NeonCyan, NeonMagenta, NeonGelb as well as spot color white. This allows particularly color-intensive, vivid and fluorescent designs to be printed on light or via transfer media (eg films) on dark backgrounds. Innovative is the interchangeable fourth process color. Depending on the desired application, it is possible to switch between the white spot color and black.
OKI Pro6410 Driver DownloadWith the first LED neon ink printer, OKI creates new applications: from individualized decoration materials, business papers, promotional items, packaging design to clothing printing for T-shirts or baseball caps, the OKI Pro6410 prints its vibrant, bright color spectrum on almost any surface. Another highlight: tickets, coupons, certificates or other important docum…

Download OKI Pro7411WT Driver Printer

OKI Pro7411WT Printer Driver. Two new A4 and A3 printers expand Okis professional printer offer with white toner. The new Oki Pro6410 is a new addition to the third, the neoprene toner neon cyan, neon magenta and neon yellow. The professional graphic printers Oki Pro6410 (Neon print), Oki Pro7411WT (A4 white print) and Oki Pro9420WT (A3 white print) are to score in the industrial print and designer area. All devices can print as well as transparencies or via transfer medium and even T-shirts. The devices use the LED print, which should provide more scratch-proof than the ink printing. Since the new graphics printers are designed, they are now part of the "Pro" series and no longer, as before, of the "ES" series with their whitening devices.external link
OKI Pro7411WT Driver DownloadThe neo-printer Oki Pro6410 is intended to produce intense colors with its neon-toners. Fluorescent effects should also be possible. This means that colors can shine under black light. Th…

Download OKI MB451dnw Driver Printer

OKI MB451dnw Printer Driver. OKI OKI MB451dnw is a simple and inexpensive monochrome combine, designed for a small company. Prints, scans, copies and faxes. Identical parameters combine MB441 has a twin, with no fax. The device is equipped with a processor rastrujÄ…cy page before printing. It supports PostScript, PCL 5c and version 6, is also referred to as occasional drivers used DOS. Manufacturer specialized in devices using to produce an image of the page strip LED elements instead of laser light. It is no different in OKI MB451dnw.
OKI MB451dnw Driver DownloadOn terminal 600 LEDs per inch, and the resolution has MP451. Uses proven B400 series printers working mechanism at a rate of 29 pages per minute and with a short, five-second waiting time for the first page. The paper may be fed from the tray (250 sheets) or the tray (100 pages), and the second case may have a greater basis weight of 160 g / m2. Both in the path of printing, scanning and installed duplexes, which enable automat…

Download OKI Pro9420WT Driver Printer

OKI Pro9420WT Printer Driver. OKI Pro9420WT Digital Color Printer for switch professionals in the excessive and great quick run marketplace, staying aggressive manner having a printer which could supply plenty for less. A workhorse that turns out breathtaking output at a quick pace for just pennies consistent with page, and fits quite simply into your current color workflow. Above all, as OKI understands it, your printer should be capable of print true white. The new OKI proColor™ Pro9420WT Tabloid/A3 digital colour printer is the ideal answer for your on demand printing wishes, specially due to the fact white is so critical to your output. The addition of white toner allows for decrease cost textile transfer media for direct imaging to material packages. It’s also best for lower price signage and films that require white.
OKI Pro9420WT Driver DownloadThe Pro9420WT combines: HD (High Definition) Color printing for breathtaking output. Inclusion of white toner for printing on fabric/obv…

Download OKI Pro9431dn Driver Printer

OKI Pro9431dn Printer Driver. Who does not know this: tight deadlines, small budget but high demands and this is the workdays of many agencies, graphic studios, design offices, photographers, prepress companies and printers. For this reason, time-consuming and cost-intensive digital proofs must often be used to assess designs or presentations. Is not it a problem after all, because you are always ready before the deadline with the last print or not? Expensive is the whole thing, and then often the proof is dispensed with and an expression on a color laser intended for office use or none at all. And that can then very quickly become very expensive. 
OKI Pro9431dn Driver DownloadWe know this situation very well and have developed the perfect solution with the OKI Pro9431DN: a system that can not be beat in terms of speed, precision and color accuracy and at an optimum price-performance ratio! Whether it is a stand-alone version, ie the OKI Pro9431DN with its powerful internal color manag…

Download OKI Pro9541 Driver Printer

OKI Pro9541 Printer Driver. The OKI Pro 9541 printer is designed for agencies, graphic studios, design offices, prepress companies and printers, and provides effective production of small print runs, such as viewing copies before the actual printing in the printing shop, as well as fast, reliable validation prints. Design proofs and at a price far below inkjet solutions and above all much faster. The PSO_uncoated or FOGRA47 color space is completely covered, isocoated_v2 or FOGRA39 is almost reached. With the combination of a high printing speed and simultaneously low side costs, the ES 9541 opens up new horizons for color-consistent print-on-demand printing and from small print runs in printing houses and in the agency on a wide range of substrates up to 360 g / m², Of the possibilities of the 5th color and varnish or white. Its 5-bit color depth in the multilevel mode achieves a print quality with softer color traces and sharper detail drawing. The EFI RIPs enable advanced color man…

Download OKI Pro9542 Driver Printer

OKI Pro9542 Printer Driver. This OKI Pro9542 printer is perfect for light manufacturing and image arts use. By utilizing particular digital LED technology, vibrant four and five-color generation with progressive printing techniques, the OKI Pro9542 supply incredible print satisfactory, quicker time to marketplace and occasional walking charges. Moreover, in advance fee is expected to be extraordinarily reasonable and not prohibitive for agencies looking for new possibilities.
OKI Pro9542 Driver DownloadFor companies that want to produce custom-designed printed garb, mugs, packaging labels, protection playing cards, factor-of-sale displays and plenty extra, the OKI Pro9542 line-up improves commercial enterprise overall performance by combining speedy, green brief run manufacturing abilities with outstanding, business best, virtual colour-print output. Businesses in whole world looking to offer extra to their customers as a result have to choose this OKI Pro9542.

Link Download: Drivers &am…

Download OKI MC861 Driver Printer

OKI MC861 Printer Driver. This OKI MC861 standard paper tray holds 300 sheets, the multipurpose tray can support 100 sheets. Additional paper cassettes can be used to remove up to 1460 sheets of paper. With the MC861 model, OKI already offers factory variants, which are equipped with additional cassettes or a cabinet. In terms of media, the new devices support the formats A6 to A3. In addition, the models can handle banner paper up to a length of 1.2 meters. The multi-purpose tray allows media thicknesses up to a gram of 200 g / m2.
OKI MC861 Driver DownloadThe OKI MC861dn is all equipped with a duplex unit and an internal print server. Locally they can be connected via USB or parallel interface. The print controllers are based on PCL and Postscript. The OKI MC861 software tools for users and administrators correspond to other OKI devices for professional use. For example, the Color Access Policy Manager allows administrators to specify how users can print in color using a variety of p…

Download OKI C830 Driver Printer

OKI C830 Printer Driver. The OKI C830 printer claims to reach 30 pages minutes in color and black and white, and it holds them! It is therefore very fast, once launched. A black dot tarnishes the picture: the printer hardly starts. As indicated in the right-hand box, when it is hot, it reacts quickly. The problem arises when the printer goes into standby mode; It takes more than a minute for a page to come out. And again, it can be worse since the printer's record clearly announces that this time can climb up to 75 seconds. OKI C830 energy consumption and noise: not good! In work, OKI C830 climbs to 65 dB, and a record energy consumption of 1,200 Watts! An A4 laser printer typically consumes 400 to 800 watts. In other words, this one is voracious!
OKI C830 Driver DownloadThe OKI C830 printer result is completely up to the expectations: sufficiently precise and legible, according to the characteristics. The colors are a little duller than the original ones, they are also slightly da…

Download OKI C810 Driver Printer

OKI C810 Printer Driver. Why choose Oki instead of the more prominent brands? For their cost per page! It is much lower than usual, there are real savings at the key, consumables side. In addition, the OKI C810 is a color laser printer A4 and A3, double-sided, with a format similar to that of A4 printers. It measures approximately 34 x 48 x 63 cm, when a classic A4 printer, like the Canon 7200Cdn, is around 33 x 41 x 49 cm. The OKI is a bit wider, but in reasonable propotions. OKI C810 is also a particularly fast printer, since it exceeds 30 pages per minute in color as in black and white (half in A3).
OKI C810 Driver DownloadThe OKI C810 is compatible PC, Mac and Microsoft Windows, its 256 MB of memory integrated, its network plug and its compatibility with the languages ​​PCL6 and PS3 destined it to work groups of ten people. Quickness + quality + flexibility of formats (it accepts in addition papers up to 220 g / m²), then is it the ideal printer? On the other hand, be careful, it i…

Download OKI C841DN Driver Printer

OKI C841DN Printer Driver. The OKI C841DN printer is the solutions for professional printing for special requirements, OKI offers especially high-performance and compact A3 color printers such as the OKI C831 and OKI C841 as well as the black and white MFP OKI MB491 as the top model of the MB401 series. These devices are perfect for the special printing needs that large workgroups or graphic agencies have. The systems are particularly robust and reliable, especially in exceptional applications, and can withstand even the most harsh environments even with large print jobs.
OKI C841DN Driver DownloadThe advantages: best printer results even in the widest variety of media types and formats and fast for large print jobs best suited for the highest graphic requirements: OKI C841dn with real 1200 x 1200 resolution and low price per page with comprehensive security functions (the OKI MB491 ) for safe and controlled Printing in sensitive areas with proven LED technology. Example for color prin…

Download OKI C822n Driver Printer

OKI C822n Printer Driver. Whether A3, A4 or envelopes, the OKI prints everything in a decent quality. For high-gloss, it is not recommendable, which can not be expected at this price. For high-quality color printing, I recommend the HP Laserjet Enterprise. The OKI C822n resolution of the printing quality is in Schwaz / white, as well as in color at 1200 x 600 dpi. Thus sufficient for documents or normal color prints. A printer purchase consultation is always recommended, especially when it comes to high-quality printers, which should hold a while. This is why it is important that the future printer is also loaded. A monthly requirement of 1500 to 4000 pages is already more than necessary in this model, so that the investment is also worthwhile.
OKI C822n Driver DownloadThe OKI C822n toners are priced in high mid-range against the competition. Paper thicknesses of up to 256 grams per square meter are no problem with this printer. If you want to quickly print many documents and also plan…

Download OKI C9655 Driver Printer

OKI C9655 Printer Driver. I got a new Oki C9655 A3 shade printer in December 2012. Since first used, it has revealed a graduated crimson tint for 30mm from both the short edges on A4 and from the long edges on A3. This pink tint is seen on all coloration pix and documents sent to the printer from OSX. Black text is first-class. The Oki have changed all of the common sense boards, PSUs, drums and toners several times, however the hassle persists. The OKI C9655 difficulty is with composite grey. Print a test sheet of mid grey on Mac OSX and it's miles sent to the printer as a composite (using a mix of colours, now not black), and the crimson bands appear. OKI C9655 print the identical check sheet of mid grey on a Windows 7 PC, and pick out print using composite grey, and the pink bands appear, too. However, print the use of the default Windows print putting, and it's miles revealed using black toner only, so no red bands. This isn't always feasible to do under OSX.
OKI C9655 …