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Download PDF XChange

PDF XChange Download. A Program to open PDF. PDF XChange Viewer is a program that can open PDF documents with the advantage that it is a lighter than Adobe Reader, and runs faster. The default viewer for these file types has been adding features, but in turn has increasingly become an increasingly heavy program, consuming resources and often enlentenciendo PC performance when opening a PDF. So in these cases is that Xchange Viewer can be a solution if it becomes the new default application to open PDF. Despite being a lighter program maintains several features of Adobe Reader, and the left side menu pages with thumbnails for easy navigation, zoom (magnifying glass), the search engine, and several options.
In addition to typical display options, add options to edit documents, which allows working with the plaintext; allows underline text, highlight text, add notes, add tables, plus other functions. Another interesting feature is that it includes tabs, allowing more than one document ope…

Download Ace Stream Media

Ace Stream DownloadDownload Ace Stream Media. Ace Stream Media is a program that includes a video player (ACE Player HD) based on VLC can play torrents without waiting for them to finish completely download the files to start them. Several customers Torrent we have already presented, which work very well, but do not allow shared instantly view movies on BitTorrent network as it does this application.
This package also includes Ace Stream HD, application capable of streaming live TV broadcasts in HD quality, such as a sport, similar to the system used by Sopcast, but in this case the links that open corresponding to this protocol, should begin with the word acestream: // (something like a combination of HTTP and BitTorrent protocols).
VLC is an excellent player that opens almost any video format, so through this program will be able to enjoy the same, but with more features, such as P2P streaming. Ace Media adds an extension Stream (TS Magic Player) to Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers …

Download FileZilla, Free FTP Client Version

FileZilla free Download. Filezilla to send files to the server PFT. FileZilla is a free FTP, highly recommended for users who need to manage websites and send content to a remote server, where pages are hosted platform client. It is increasingly common for users with little computer knowledge have to create and maintain a website, so it is necessary to use tools such as FileZilla, pretty intuitive, and in this case necessary to upload html files, images, or other content server. Key features include: In addition to FTP supports FTPS (SSL / TLS) and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). Supports multiple platforms: Windows, Linux, * BSD, OSX and more. It is available in several languages, including Spanish. Allows the transfer of large files, including supporting files over 4GB. Supports IPv6.
The interface is very intuitive and the program is easy to use. Folders and files on the server side are presented on one hand the folders and files on the local machine, and on the other hand, in th…

Download Program to Manage Your Google Drive

Google Drive Manager Software Download. Google Drive is a program that lets you manage and administer storage space in the cloud offered by Google to store files and access them from any computer or mobile device; shaped back up and synchronize work when used one or more devices, either individually or by a workgroup. For those users who use Google services such as Gmail or Google+, Drive can be a good complement to store photos, videos, documents and any other type of file, safely and easily accessible, as if it were a VHD extra, but so that you can share with others. Received in Gmail Attachments can be saved directly in Drive.
One advantage of this service is that it opens almost any stored file directly from the browser, whether documents (PDF, Word, etc.), spreadsheets, presentations and multimedia files; OCR also has support for text recognition in images or PDFs obtained after scanning a book or document. You can access a preview of files before opening them. It also can search …

Download RegCleaner, Registry Cleaner

RegCleaner, Registry Cleaner Software Download. RegCleaner is a program that optimizes the Windows registry by deleting entries that are obsolete, helping to streamline the operating system. This tool allows you to view a list of installed programs, and those that were uninstalled and maintained registry entries that can be eliminated. It is recommended to create a backup of the registry before making changes because before a glitch or some program can be easily restored.
This new version added new tools, in addition to clean registry, are responsible for cleaning the hard drive and clean the (temporary, cookies, history, etc.) browsers to leave no traces of navigation. Also you can generate a report with the hardware features of the system.

It has a menu organized into tabs, containing the four main tools offered by this application: "Quick Optimizer", "Windows Cleaner", "System Information" and "Restore Backup". TweakNow RegCleaner began as a to…

Download Dixio Desktop Dictionary

Dixio Desktop Dictionary DownloadDixio Desktop Dictionary. Dixio Desktop is a program that serves as a dictionary, either to find the meaning of a word, or to get text translations in other languages ​​quickly with just a click, avoiding having to resort to online dictionaries or search engines. You can access the service offered by Dixio from any application, either the web browser, PDF, text editor or other application reader; pressing the Ctrl key and right clicking the mouse at a time.
Returns Dixio dictionary definition of a word, with the advantage of making it in the context that is the same as it takes a contextual semantic analysis. This tool draws from several dictionaries (Oxford, General Spanish Dictionary VOX, Bilingual Semantix, etc.) and encyclopedias, in addition to the wikipedia, totaling some 95 different services. Supports English, Spanish, Catalan and Basque, among other languages.

The program can be useful as an e-mail or other document is written and has any doub…

Download Hello, Application to Access Restricted Sites

Hello, Application to Access Restricted Sites Free Download Download. Hello is a program that allows access to web sites or services that have some sort of geographic restriction, therefore can serve to access Netflix or Pandora, among others, from any country with limitations in the use of these services. Some content streaming services such as Netflix allow access to many countries, but in some of them not available catalog might enjoy User United States. The films and series are in English, but there are ways to add subtitles in Spanish to view content from Netflix. Other services do not allow access to users who are in a country, when football broadcasts or other sporting or cultural events.
Several methods exist to hide the IP address (which identifies the country where the user is located), for example, the use of a proxy, but are not always efficient and can occur which make navigation very slow or the transmission of online video or television; However Hola provides a fairly sm…

Download WinSCP Free For Windows, FTP Clients

WinSCP Free For Windows Download. WinSCP is an FTP client program supports SSH, which easily allows you to transfer files to a remote server. WinSCP can connect to an SSH (Secure Shell) protocol server using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) service. WinSCP can be integrated with Putty. It features intuitive graphical interface (like Windows Explorer) and supports "drag & drop" to move files from one window to another (a window representing local PC files and other files on the server).
The features are similar to those of other charged FTP clients such as CuteFTP, while boasting a larger number regarding a free software such as Filezilla. Easily send files to the server and download files from the server to the PC. It also allows you to perform various actions on folders and files hosted on a remote server, for example, create directories, rename files and directories, modify the properties of reading and writing (equivalent to chmod comman…

Download PDFCreator 2.0.2 Free

PDFCreator 2.0.2 Free Download. Word Processing PDFCreator is a program that lets you create PDF documents from other applications, mainly from word processors and other programs that allow printing documents. It is compatible with Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Worpad, Notepad and Excel, among other applications; so that when you edit or create a document, you will be able to export to PDF Print option from the document. A program to create PDF. PDFCreator works as a virtual printer, so when you want to save a document in PDF must be selected in the list of available printers, which bears the name of this application. Instead of printing (what would happen if you select a physical printer), what it does is give the possibility to save a PDF file.
In addition to saving as PDF, you may do to other formats such as: PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, PS, EPS and PCX. This version adds a tool called Images2PDF used to convert images. The conversion of documents is managed by the Ghostscript interpreter, wh…

Download Moo0 VoiceRecorder

Moo0 VoiceRecorder DownloadMoo0 VoiceRecorder recorder is very simple and easy to use voice. With just one click you can start recording and the result can be saved in MP3 or WAV format. It also allows you to record sounds from any application or game running; therefore you can record audio from a radio or any kind of streaming.
With the same program can play back the recording, or any other audio player. You can use the same file to record multiple sessions. The program is lightweight, does not consume resources, and has a simple window in which you must choose the file destination and a button to record, pause and stop. It offers the possibility to select between three recording options: voice only, voice and sound of PC, or PC sound only.

Moo0 VoiceRecorder 1.43 is the version of this application that can be downloaded free and works with all versions of Windows.
DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE: Download Moo0 VoiceRecorder

Download Efficient Diary, Keeping a diary

Efficient Diary Download. The Efficient Diary is a program that allows to organize a personal journal to which you can add notes and images, but also contains a set of very useful features such as calendar, search engine, generator backup, etc. functions The newspaper is fully customizable and offers several designs to choose from, suitable for age, gender and personal preferences. Personal Journal. Efficient Diary has a password access control to ensure privacy of the data that the user can enter. In turn, the text is stored in files that are encrypted so they are not readable when attempting to open them outside the application.

This software includes a text editor containing a bar similar to applications such as Word or Notepad ++, which lets you choose from several sources, font sizes, colors, styles, etc. tools, but also has support for vignettes, different alignments, emoticons and more. This journal provides the option of making that can be used to save all entries safely, mainl…

Download Pretty BPM Software (Business Process Management)

BPM Software Download. Bonita is a software used to manage business processes BPM (Business Process Management) companies, with the advantage of reaching a more automated, flexible and efficient development; it also saves time in the design and programming of tasks and relationships with entities that are performed during a process. This type of software can be used in any business you need to develop an application to manage your activities, whether commercial, human resources or any other area that requires model their processes and tasks. Nice features a visual development environment to create the model of a process through flowcharts, where processing tasks are defined, the order of their sequence and assigning privileges to different groups of users during the execution of each home work.
The programmer must integrate business classes in Java model, in addition to defining variables, designing forms, and other elements that are necessary for the execution of processes in a web en…

Download Audacity, Audio Editor

Audacity, Audio Editor Download. Audacity is a program that lets you edit audio files. The editing tools allow: cut songs, mix multiple tracks, add filters, apply effects, change the speed of a song, and several more features. Supports multiple formats: MP3, WAV, AIFF and Ogg Vorbis, among others. Audacity includes a lot of features, among which include: the ability to record live audio using a microphone or record any sound played on the computer for any application or game, with support for scheduled recording; also convert tapes and records into digital sound using various sources such as cassette tapes, vinyl records, or minidisc. Is able to import and export from and to various audio formats.
This application allows you to select and apply various special effects during the editing process of a song. It is possible to dissolve the sound gently with a tool called "envelope"; and also remove background noise, hiss, hum, etc; apply echo phase, reverb, Wahwah and investment.…

Download ooVoo Video Conference

ooVoo Video Conference Download. Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing. oovoo software for video conferencing with several people. ooVoo is a program that allows video with excellent image and sound, with up to 12 people at a time, being a good alternative to Skype. Like the latter, it also provides an economic service calls (VOIP) from your PC or mobile to a conventional telephone number. Besides videoconferencing allows the exchange of text (chat) and file, similar to other instant messaging programs like MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger or Skype features. ooVoo has a tool that lets you share your desktop remotely, ideal for remote presentations and show an application or document to the other participants of the videoconference.
You can record a videoconference session and save video or upload to YouTube directly and easily, with just a few clicks. Allows you to create widgets with the user's photo, which can be included in web pages, eg on hi5 or MySpace profile so that …

Download Captor Screenshot, Screen Capture

Screenshot Captor, Screen Capture DownloadScreenshot Captor is a program that lets you take screenshots of the entire screen or part thereof; whether a section of a web page interface of a program, or any other source. It also serves to create tutorials or manuals of programs because the catches can be detailing the steps, and you can add text to them better documentation. This program has several advantages and extra features compared to other similar programs, or about the simple process of pressing the Print Screen key.
It has several capture modes: active window (even if minimized), by region of the screen, the entire desktop, and so on. Each mode has an associated key to take the catch easily. If the catch extends the boundaries of the screen like making and reduced. It has shortcuts to upload photos captured image hosting sites. The possibilities that this software does not end with the capture, but also offers the possibility of editing the captured images. The editing functio…

Download XnView 2.30

XnView 2.30 Download. XnView to view slides. XnView is a program to visualize and convert images. Supports most popular formats such as GIF, JPEG and JPEG-XR, png, bmp, tiff, targa, mpeg, AVI, Quicktime and hundreds more. The display has a very intuitive, easy and fast browser to handle, being similar to other popular programs such as ACDSee, and with similar functionality but free.
Among the features of XnView are: Converting files to any other format, supporting batch to apply to multiple photos processes. The ability to edit photos, for example, to remove red eye, to resize or rotate photos, etcetera. The ability to generate image galleries that can be included in HTML pages. Presentations (slide shows) with effects, with the ability to adjust the transition time between each photo. Includes a screen capture tool. Apply special effects and filters to your photos. Creating web pages that include photo galleries. Detects duplicate in separate folders in the hard disk or floppy disks images. TW…

Download BurnAware

BurnAware Free Download . A software to Record CD and DVD. BurnAware Free is a program for recording CD, DVD, Blue-Ray and images. It is ideal for backup, burn data CD, burn music, burn movies to DVD, etc.
Has several similar functionality to other software to "burn" discs, for example:
Formatting the disk prior to recording During the recording process verifies the correct spelling of the data. Supports multisession can import sessions to continue recording in sequence. Allows you to create bootable CDs or DVDs (bootable) to start Windows. Allows you to create disk images, supporting the ISO and CUE / BIN formats. Supports IDE, SCSI, USB, 1394 and SATA disks; and systems UDF, ISO9660, Joliet Bridged and files. Allows erase rewritable discs. It supports playlists in M3U format created with any audio program. Supports audio formats FLAC, OGG, MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A and AAC. Extracts data from disks that are damaged or are corrupt. Rip music CDs, ie passes MP3 songs from conventional disks. Bu…

Download Facebook For Windows 8.1

Facebook For Windows 8.1 DownloadFacebook has updated its official application for Windows 8 and is now compatible with Windows 8.1. It is an alternative to the traditional use of this social network from a web browser, but with a very similar and adapted to the characteristic style of Metro design.
Facebook windows 8.1. The interface no major changes from the Web version, showing the central part shared by friends, right contact list content (highlighting those that are online and available to chat), while the left display various menus are located. In the top right icons for Contacts (friend requests, search of friends, etc.), Messages and Notifications are maintained. The main novelty of using Facebook in computers, notebooks, netbooks or tablets with Windows 8.1 is the use of touch screens on computers that have, for better navigability (as if it were editing for mobile phones but with a larger) screen, with its most prominent and visible elements better.

Another advantage of usin…

Download Google Drive, A Program to Manage Google Drive

Google Drive Download, A Program to Manage Google Drive. Google Drive is a program that lets you manage and administer storage space in the cloud offered by Google to store files and access them from any computer or mobile device; shaped back up and synchronize work when used one or more devices, either individually or by a workgroup. For those users who use Google services such as Gmail or Google+, Drive can be a good complement to store photos, videos, documents and any other type of file, safely and easily accessible, as if it were a VHD extra, but so that you can share with others. Received in Gmail Attachments can be saved directly in Drive.
One advantage of this service is that it opens almost any stored file directly from the browser, whether documents (PDF, Word, etc.), spreadsheets, presentations and multimedia files; OCR also has support for text recognition in images or PDFs obtained after scanning a book or document. You can access a preview of files before opening them. It…

Download Stellarium Free

Stellarium Download. Planetarium Stellarium Education and Science. Stellarium is a program that simulates a planetarium and see the stars, constellations, planets, satellites and other components of the solar system; dimensional shape, with great detail and accuracy, as if he were looking through a telescope. This application is useful for those studying or interested in astronomy who may display more than 600,000 heavenly bodies present in the application, and see views of the sky that can not be seen because they were visible only from the opposite hemisphere.
With this application you can also simulate and observe astronomical phenomena such as eclipses, movements of the planets and meteor showers, among others. It features zoom to zoom in and out of the selected location. Another interesting aspect of Stellarium is that you can indicate the position of the planet from where you want to watch the sky, as is simulating what could be seen from there.

Stellarium Free Download. The proje…

Download Foxit Reader 7.0.8 Free, PDF Reader

Foxit Reader 7.0.8 Free Download. Foxit Reader is a program that allows abir PDF files, in the same way as the Adobe Reader (Acrobat) but with the advantage that it is much lighter than the latter program. The latest versions of Adobe Reader have increased functionality, but at the cost of large memory consumption and CPU. Instead Foxit can do the same, without the PC to slow down. Foxit has the basic functionality of a common document reader, such as: the ability to copy text, zoom, displaying in full screen, rotate the screen, etc., and also incorporates some new features, like the ability to organize the document elements in layers (for playing multimedia those who are independently). Foxit used to create PDF documents, either by copying text and images, uploading a file (for example, a Word document or a web page) or from a scanner.
Foxit Reader allows you to add features and tools through add-ons, which further enhance this software. Remarks: the ability to add a spell checker; ad…

Download Start Menu WINDOW 8

Start Menu WINDOW 8 Download. Start Menu 8 to add start menu to Windows 8. Start Menu is a program that adds the classic start menu of Windows to the latest operating system from Microsoft, the Windows 8 instead of the new screen (known as Metro). This application adds the start button to display the menu that users are aware of Windows XP, Vista or 7.
Start Menu 8 allows you to switch easily between Windows 8 and Metro traditional desktop interface, with the possibility of access to programs, files, documents and control panel quickly, mainly those users accustomed to using the desktop interface meanwhile they get used to the new interface mode, or until they have a touch screen. Other options presented this program, and allows the screen to jump start consist disable the sidebar and the Metro Hot Corners (corners) features of Windows 8. The application allows you to customize some aspects, for example, to select the key to use (the default is the Windows key) when you want to move fr…

Download Autodesk DWG Trueview

Autodesk DWG Trueview Download. A Program to open DWG. DWG TrueView is a program used to view AutoCAD should not have that program installed. AutoCAD is one of the best programs for CAD design, modeling, design applied to architecture and engineering in 3D, used by professionals; but because it is not free, is that this viewer yes what is being offered.
With Autodesk DWG Trueview is possible to open DWG and DXF files, but also serves to convert from DWG to DWF. From a DWF file is able to create files in any of the following formats: DWFx, PDF, JPG and PNG. You can zoom in, see diagrams, change the view mode to 2D or 3D, convert between different versions (supports AutoCAD R14, 2000, 2004, 2007, AutoCAD 2010, AutoCAD 2013 and 2014), see floorplans, print spot, measure a file DWG without passing it to DWF, and several more features.

Autodesk DWG Trueview 2014 is the latest, updated in July 2013, this display of AutoCAD projects that can be downloaded free to install on Windows (XP, Vista,…

Download SCREEN2EXE. A Screenshot Software

SCREEN2EXE Download. A program to capture screen. SCREEN2EXE is a program that allows video capture what happens on screen, such as: mouse movements, changes in windows, the operation of an application, and any other activity. This application can be useful for programs or tutorials to show the operation of an operating system, or use didactic presentations.
SCREEN2EXE can save the recording in AVI format, but also as an executable EXE file, which when run will start playing the video (without players or other programs). This is the only limitation regarding the product SCREEN2SWF, which can record video in SWF. SCREEN2EXE is free, while SCREEN2SWF can download a trial version for 60 days.

Both applications can incorporate animation voice from the microphone. In addition to configure several aspects, such as video quality, frame rate (frames ratio), if you record full screen or a selected area, and so on. You can achieve a very good resolution of video in a space. SCREEN2EXE 3.6 is the …

Download Kanto Player, Record Your Karaoke Songs

Kanto Player Download - Record Your Karaoke Songs. Kanto Karaoke is a player that can be used as karaoke as it has several specific functions for this, for example, to remove the singer's voice and keep only music. Supports various audio and video, has options for converting files, and allows you to record songs while singing, among many other features offered by this software. Kanto Karaoke. Like other similar applications (eg VanBasco), Kanto has several options for customizing the visual aspect, whether fonts, colors, backgrounds, sizes, location onscreen lyrics, etc; disposing of various skins with different designs.
This program supports the formats of karaoke KAR, MID, CDG and MP3, plus it is possible to upload videos where you can add lyrics is displayed as the song plays, so that the user can read and sing. It can convert MIDI to MP3 or KAR to MP3, among several other options, with the advantage of better sound quality is obtained, while preserving the lyrics of the songs i…

Download 4shared Desktop, 4shared Uploader

4shared Desktop Download4shared Desktop is a program for managing the service account free storage offered by 4shared. The application lets you upload files to a storage space of 10 GB, with the ability to access and download any file easily from its interface. Works as file backup and data, with the advantage that you can access them from any computer or mobile device. Instead of using a USB flash drive, portable drive, DVD backup and physical environment, this safe and always accessible virtual space is used.
4shared lets you create a folder structure, just as if it were a hard drive or local storage. Lets you select and upload multiple files simultaneously to any of the folders created with the objective of accelerating the process.

An interesting feature is to obtain direct access to download certain files, share those links with others. The first time you use the application, access the registration link for a user and choose a password that will be used later to use the service …

Download ManyCam Free (Latest Update)

ManyCam DownloadManyCam Free Download. Manycam is a program that lets you use the web camera (webcam) into multiple programs at once, for example, by videoconference program Skype, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Paltalk, and Camfrog. It can also be used during a live broadcast Twitcam. The novelty of this tool is that you can add special fun effects, such as: overlay masks on the face of the person, or add wigs, hats, mustaches, bulging eyes and other objects by other originals. You can also apply distorting the voice, to impersonate another person. You can also add fixed or moving text, and background images, which can be chosen from a gallery that includes fixed and moving landscapes with different backgrounds, for example, a snowy place, with falling snow or rain.
The effects are very well made, and also in this latest version a drawing tool, able to further increase the creativity with which you can decorate the backdrop during a videoconference is incorporated. A new feature that incorpora…

Download GeoGebra 5

GeoGebra Download - Software for Education and Science. GeoGebra is an interactive program for teaching and learning mathematics, covering geometry and algebra, and is aimed at high school students or any user that interests mathematics. GeoGebra offers three different perspectives of each mathematical object: Graphical View (graphically representing mathematical objects such as points, vectors, segments, polygons, functions, curves, straight lines and conic sections), Algebra View (coordinates of points, equations) and Vista Leaf Calculation (cells).
With GeoGebra can work with angles, vectors, matrices, conic sections, predefined functions, Boolean variables, complex numbers, and so on. The application allows the study of any kind of functions such as linear, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric functions, and so on. Lets calculate and graph derived, and integrals. GeoGebra Version 5 introduces several changes from the previous version 4.4, among which we mention the following:

Download IObit Free Malware Fighter

IObit Free Download - Malware Fighter Anti-spyware. IObit Malware Fighter is a program used to detect suspicious activities that attempt to infect your PC with some kind of Trojan; but also fights against spyware trying to sneak into the system and can pose a threat to the privacy of data users and their activity during web browsing. This anti-malware acts in real time, with the advantage that it is compatible with any antivirus (Avast, AVG, etc.), may do so concurrently, complementing to detect and remove suspicious behavior undetected by other software when a file is downloaded or when you are browsing. In particular, this tool may be able to detect complex variants of hijackers, bots or keyloggers.
Like other products of this company, Malware Fighter IObit use your service called Cloud to send questions about the possible danger that can represent any file. Added to that previously used multiple protective shields, makes the system increases your alertness and level of security. A v…

Download iFunBox, Mobile Phones Manager

iFunBox, Mobile Phones Manager Download. iFunBox is a program that lets you explore and manage an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad from PC (with Windows), and to transfer music, pictures, videos and any file between them (via USB cable or via Wi-Fi) . It may be useful also to support files stored on the device to install themes, add wallpapers, and more. It does not require Jailbreak the device.
iFunBox for iPhone. Using iFunBox is possible to install applications on the iPhone or iPad securely with .ipa packages. This tool uses a technology called AppFastIn, which speeds up the installation process, achieving faster than iTunes or other installers. It also allows support (as .ipa) and uninstall applications. The application has browser similar to Windows, where you can copy, move or delete files. It also features a file browser that supports many types of filters in their searches, either in whole or in specific folders memory.

This i-FunBox 2.94 (beta) is the latest, updated in February 201…

Download Dexpot, Apps Multiple Desktop

Dexpot DownloadDexpot is a program that allows you to have multiple desktop, independent of each other desktops. Each desktop can have its own background, your own icons and shortcuts, its own resolution, etc. You can also define the list of programs that start automatically want for each virtual desktop.
You can easily switch from one desktop to another and may define custom shortcuts for it to be changed faster using the keyboard, without resorting to the application interface. The aim of Dexpot is to organize and manage the desktop to make it neater, and faster access to the different elements, for example, if one keeps to access favorite programs and another to stop access to your favorite music.

For those who find it more convenient to work this way and switch desktops that have several windows open on one workplace, this application can be very useful. It may also be useful for Linux users accustomed to working with multiple virtual desktops. It features simple a help document o…