Saturday, June 18, 2016

Download Printer Driver Samsung SL-M3825DW

Samsung SL-M3825DW Printer Driver. My Multifunction (with inkjets) was broken and our former ancient laser retired for some time. So quickly had a new printer into the house. I wanted to anyway buy a s / w laser additionally because eventually about 80% of the prints do not need color and laser-typeface is better than that of a inkjet printer, even if the latter operates at a much higher specified dpi value again , However, these values ​​are not comparable with the different technique. A dealer around offered me as a quick replacement of two devices to choose from in the class by 90 € and 150 €. The build quality I found something "rickety", so either too imprecise in plastic injection molding, or to thin parts in the valve? Then I looked at Amazon after the reviews. The locally offered me lying there in the middle (between 3 and 4-star in the middle). It seemed to me that one has to make to the ratings in all laser printers in the price ranges below 200 € in the quality of workmanship, and that for some, the paper comes out curled. So I decided on a class higher, so this printer, which is typically assigned to even the "300- €" class. As the price at Amazon was really a bargain! And the delivery was extremely fast. This printer now looks immediately more stable when opening and closing the various operation valves, than the cheaper models that I had looked at first (also one of whom was a Samsung - the build in the low-class differently). 

Samsung SL-M3825DW Driver Download
In addition, I have a first-cartridge with a capacity of 3000 pages and a zzt for 10,000 pages. € 126 can buy more. In the cheap capacity amounted to 800 sheets for 50 € (in the printer priced below 100 €) or 2500 sheets for around 90 €. Since one saves but over time the higher price of ProXpress M3825DW about the significantly lower cost per page again! The properties: The resolution 1200 * 1200 dpi is optimal and visually evaluated better than the cheaper models often only 600 dpi in the cross-direction (ie per line). Longitudinal have indeed up to 4800 dpi, but the same missing dpi in the cross-direction just not made ​​and make the sheet-feed for longer (more lines closer together printed = longer to print). Therefore, 1200 * 1200 dpi clearly better (and technically more complex: twice as many laser diodes per line). The pressure with 1200 * 1200 dpi acts completely step-free even with very fine lines with the naked eye. The ProXpress M3825DW is so fast that the pressure of a few pages this long finished before I went to the printer. Given the opportunity comes automatically print double-sided, I now often use. Printing takes then through turning significantly longer than one side, but is much more practical to print as a manual turning around the back (which makes you so hardly, and if it happens that you insert wrong and the saving effect for the birds). So here really another good argument for this printer.

Download Printer Driver Samsung SL-M3825DW


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